What is my rate?
EquipmentLease.com worked with multiple lenders to find you the lowest rate. The rate is based on your FinanceApp Score, which incorporates your credit score, industry and equipment that is going to be financed.

We have lenders that specialize in different markets or specifically finance certain products. With our vast network of lenders, we have one of the highest approval rates in the industry.

Our base rates range from 5.5% – 20%, based on your FinanaceApp Score. Below is rate based on your FinanceApp score.

Is their a buy-out option?
Each lease or loan typically has the option for a buy-out. This means that after a certain period of time, you will have the option to buy the lease or loan out. In most cases, a buy-out option is not available until at least one year after the start of the lease. These terms can be negotiated at the beginning of the lease and are based on the terms of each individual lender.

If your intentions are to pay off the lease prior to the term, please let us know and we can work with the lender to incorporate your desired buy-out option into the lease or loan.

How long is the lease for?
We have lease term programs from 12 months to 72 months.
Can I terminate the lease early?
The lease can not be terminated early, unless you are interested in buying out the remaining part of the lease. This is typically called a buy-out and a pre-payment penalty could be accessed depending on how far along the lease is.

A typical lease will come with a 1-2 year pre-payment penalty, however if you want to option to terminate the lease early with a buy-out, please let your leasing agent know so that we can factor that into the original lease.

Do I own the equipment?
During the course of the lease, the lender is the owner of the equipment. However, with qualifying leases, you will have the option to purchase the equipment for FML (Fair market value) or $1 ($1 Buy-out lease.

At that time, you will own the equipment.

From an accounting and tax point of view, please read more about section 179 and how you can properly depreciate your lease.

What type of lease or finance options do you provide?
We offer the following types of leases or programs:
Dollar Buy-out Lease

The dollar buyout lease is one of the most popular lease programs that we offer. It is also sometimes referred to as a Capital lease. With this type of lease, the customer is guaranteed the option to purchase the equipment for the amount of one dollar ($1) at the end of the lease term. Most customers that prefer to keep the equipment at the end of the lease term typically choose the dollar buy-out lease. The dollar buyout lease qualifies for the Section 179 tax deduction and has a fixed monthly payment with terms ranging from 24 – 60 months.…
Fair Market Value Lease

The Fair Market Lease, also referred to as a True Lease, offers several options where the lessee and return the equipment to the lessor, renew the lease or purchase the equipment at fair market value. The fair market lease is favorable to customers that purchase equipment that have a significant decrease in value. The fair market value lease also tends to have a lower monthly payment, which is again another reason why some customers tend to favor this program. From a tax savings, the fair market value lease payments are 100% tax deductions, since the equipment is seen as an…
Lease Back Program

The finance industry, banks and lenders are notorious for getting customers into programs do not always make sense as your business grows. Since your business is always evolving, your borrowing power and credit rating could change in your favor over time. Our lease back program looks at the most recent rates and programs to see if you are paying too much for your current lease. If so, we can might be able to get you into a new lease with a lower monthly payment or even a different term.
Start-up Business Program

Most start-up businesses have a difficult time finding capital to purchase equipment or fund their business. A typical bank is looking for multiple year tax returns to show that the company and its owners are in good financial position to lend money. Banks see this as a risky investment and tend to either deny start-up financing or charge a very high interest rate. We have developed a very unique Start-up Financing program that will not only help your small business get the capital it next to fund the purchase of new equipment, but it will also help you to build…
Equipment Line of Credit

Getting a line of credit from a bank can be a very painful process. Why go though the processes if you eventually intend on using that line of credit to purchase equipment. Our equipment line of credits will help you to free up your cash flow and offers immediate access to cash for future purchases.

Will my payments ever increase?
The majority of our lease programs will maintain the same monthly lease payment through the course of the lease term. However, we occasionally have programs where the rate will adjust over the lease term. In these cases, it is always specifically stated in the lease agreement and done for customers that are looking start with a lower monthly payment.

As an example, a start-up customer might not have the cash-flow to pay $500 per month on a standard lease program. In this case, we might work with a lender that can offer an adjustable rate that will help them as they grow their business. In this case, the payment might start at $200 for the first year, $500 for the second year and $800 for the third year.

If you are interested in these types of lease, please ask your leasing specialist for more details.

Is there a maximum of minimum lease amount?
The minimum lease amount is $4,000 and we can lease up to $500,000 depending on the FinanceApp Score.
What is the approval process?
After filling our the online application or working with a leasing specialist to complete the application by phone, we will begin the approval process.

Within an hour, your application will be scored using the FinanceApp Score. At that time, our site searched though our lending network to find the lender and finance program that will offer you the lowest monthly payment. Once that search has been completed, we will provide you with an approval and review the terms of the lease.

In the event that we are unable to provide you with a match, a leasing specialist will contact you to discuss alternative options to finance or how we might be able to re-submit your application for a second review.

When does the lease start?
Most leases start once the customer or borrower has signed off on acceptance or delivery of the equipment. In some cases the vendor or borrower can ask for pre-funding of the lease. In this case, the equipment vendor is requested for payment prior to delivery or installation. If pre-funding is requested, the lease will commence once any funding has been made.
What kind of equipment can be leased?
We offer leasing on all types of equipment in hundreds of industries. It is a very rare situation that we cannot get the equipment you need for your business financed through our programs.
Can I lease software?
We offer lease programs for software.
Can I lease install or soft cost?
Soft costs, such as installation, training, shipping and other intangible items can be included in the lease.
Am I guaranteed approval?
We do not guarantee approval, however our approval process and finance search offers a better chance of approval compared to a traditional bank or lease broker.
Is a deposit required or any money down?
The majority of our lease programs require no money down. The only time in which you would have to provide cash out of pocket is in the event that we can not get an approval to finance the entire amount of the equipment. In this case, you would pay the vendor the difference in what we can provide in funding vs. the cost of equipment.
Do I need to provide financial statements or tax returns?
Financial statements and tax returns are not required for approval of our lease programs. However, in some cases we will request additional financial documents at the lenders request. These cases normally occur when the borrowers FinanceApp score is lower than the standard approval or during a second review of the application.
Do you pull my credit?
Once an application is submitted, our technology platform searches our network to find the lender and program that will provide you with the lowest monthly payment. Once we have find the best lending source, we will share your application with that lender whom will pull your credit and verify the information on your application.

Our network of lenders have been carefully screened and follow strict guidelines to insure that your information is kept confidential.

Can I lease if my company is a start-up?
Yes. We love start-ups. We have several lending partners that specialize in financing start-up business.
Can I get a lease if I had a bankruptcy?
We have several lenders that lend to those with bankruptcy and lower credit scores. These lender tend to request additional information to support the health of the business and typically have a higher interest rate than our normal programs.
I forgot my password
If you forgot your password, please visit: https://equiplease.financeapp.com/RecoveryPassword
I forgot my log-in
If you forgot your log-in username, please contact us with your Name, email and company name. We will then send you your username and log-in
Why is Equipment Lease better than the competition?
With EquipmentLease.com, you only have to fill out one application to gain access to a network of lenders that fund over $100 million in leases each year. Our finance platform does all of the hard work by connecting you with banks that specialize in funding your industry or specific equipment.

We have the highest approval rating and are able to fund your equipment faster.

How long until I can get funded?
Funding can be completed as soon as 24-48 hours. Applications with lower FinanceApp scores might require additional approval or documentation, which can extend the approval time.
What kind of lease terms is available?
Our lease programs range from 12 month to 72-month terms.
What about use or sales tax?
Sales or use tax is not included within the original monthly payment quote, however will be included within the final lease document. The tax is based on your local tax rate.
When are my monthly payments due?
Each of our lending partners have different payment schedules. The payment schedule will be provided when signing the final lease documents. Most lenders will provide you with either a monthly invoice or will ACH the funds from your bank account at a agreed scheduled time each month.
Does leasing cost more than buying or paying cash?
Pay cash for equipment will cost you less than leasing, however most business owners recognize the significant benefits that leasing can have on their cash flow. The cost of leasing vs. buying can range from as low as 5%-20% and higher. This all has to do with your FinanceApp Score, which is a representation of your credit score and the lend-ability of your business.
What happens at the end of a lease?
At the end of the lease, you will have a few options to consider based on what type of lease program you originally signed up for.

Two of the more common lease terms are the one-dollar buy-out lease and the fair market value lease. With the one-dollar buy-out lease, the leasee will owe $1 to own the equipment. On the fair market value lease the leasee can own the equipment by paying fair market value or they can renew the lease.

Who can lease equipment?
Our lease programs cater to businesses and medical providers that are in need of equipment for the use in their business.
Do I have to give a personal guarantee?
In some cases, a personal guarantee is required to secure the lowest monthly payment. However, we do have programs that do not require a personal guarantee and are 100% based on the business.
What is the difference between leasing and a bank loan?
There are a number of benefits to leasing equipment vs. taking a bank loan to purchase the equipment. Here are a few of the top benefits.

– Most bank loans can take several weeks to fund and require a lot of documentation.
– A bank loan can negatively affect your credit exposure and make it difficult to be approved for future funding or working capital.
– There are significant tax advantages to leasing equipment vs. purchasing with a bank loan.

Are lease payments eligible for a tax write-off?
In most cases, a lease is eligible for a tax write-off or tax savings. The eligibility is based on the lease type and terms. Download our guide on Section 179 to learn more.
How does EquipmentLease.com make money?
Banks are always in search for good companies to lend money to. Our site offers customers a one-stop location to find the lowest monthly payment without having to apply to multiple banks.

Our lending partners provide EquipmentLease.com with a small commission for connection them to approved borrowers.