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Evolutionary not Revolutionary – Consumer Electronics Show 2016

Each year, in the beginning of the year, electronic manufacturers descend on Las Vegas for the CES and each year it gets bigger and bigger. This is a place to showcase new innovations and those who are about to hit the market.

This year, the operative word in the show was evolutionary, not revolutionary. No groundbreaking products, but a lot of improvements. Goods just got better; drones command the airspace, cars drive themselves, virtual reality becomes more realistic, television sets try to achieve perfections, and our homes are becoming smarter.

With huge convention space filled with products, it’s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees. Or for the hundreds of reporters descending on the show to try the new products.

Here are some of the best picks by reputable sites:


Razer Blade Stealth – Razer’s new laptop is the lightest they have ever made, weighing only 2.75 pounds. It has Intel i7 processor, and a resolution of 2,560 by 1,440. External graphic’s bay will turn it into a gaming computer that plays games without a hiccup. All that for under a thousand dollars, costing only $999.99. It uses a dock to work with a wide range of PCs (PC Mag, Engadget)

HP EliteBook Folio G1 – ½ inch high and 2-pound weight, this laptop is considered by PC Mag to be the best in show. “It integrates features you want with technologies you need for work.”

Lenovo Yoga 900s – A hybrid laptop (turns into a tablet by folding the cover all the way, touch screen). It’s ½ inch thick, the thinnest convertible on the market, 2,560 by 1,440 screen resolution and a battery life of 10 hours. (PC mag)



Huawei Honor 5X – Unlocked phone that will cost only $199.99. All metal body, sharp camera. 5.5-inch screen and fingerprint sensor. Is it the end of the carrier smartphones? (PC Mag) Engadget prefers the Huawei Mate 8 as the best mobile device.



LG Signature OLED TV – The new 77-inch TV panel measures less than 3 millimeters, built entirely into a single glass sheet attached to an electronic back. Price was not announced but “It’s safe to say it’ll be really, really expensive” (PC Mag, Wired, Engadget)

LG Rollable OLED Display – It’s not yet a real product, but it looks like the future. How cool would it be if you can roll it up and take it in your bag, then unfurl it and read it like a magazine? (PC Mag)


Home Appliances

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator – A 21.5-inch touch screen is built into the right door where you can leave notes to your family, set calendar reminders and display artwork. BUT this fridge has an internal camera connected to your cell phone, and you can see what’s in your fridge from the grocery store! No more wondering and guessing and buying double. Genius for about $5,000. (PC Mag)

Laundroid – As much as kids like to think that their clothes magically appear folded in their closets, they grew up to the grim reality that someone does all that work. We have clothes washers for about 100 years now, but a human does the folding. That might change in the future. Seven Dreamers’ Laundroid actually folds your clothes using a camera to identify the garment and robotic arms to fold it. It’s here but it might take some time until you find it in your home. It still takes about 5 minutes to fold a shirt. Seven Dreamers, the prototype builders, announced a deal with Panasonic to include it in their washers by 2018. (PC Mag)

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